We are Content Space. We are dedicated to telling the stories of Sydney small business owners

We believe in the persuasive influence of well-crafted words as much as we believe in the power of a beautifully-shot photo. So it's our passion to combine these two incredible assets, to tell the stories of Sydney small business owners.

We offer copywriting and photography services that help you to make honest and genuine connections with your customers. We create Remarkable About Pages for small businesses. And we create honest snapshots of the lives and minds of creative small business owners through our blog.


It all started because...

We know of a lot of ridiculously talented and creative small businesses. But we couldn't help but notice that, for many, their online presence just didn't do them justice. Blurry and dark pictures, awkward looking people, cookie-cutter content with a heap of on-trend words thrown in... I think you know what we're talking about.

Many business owners are put off by the cost, the time and the effort that goes into getting original content and photography. So we wanted to come up with another way...

We create professional content and photography that is affordable and simple to commission, and can be used in a variety of ways in your business, from your About Page to your social media pages.

We have done this for years, so our processes are streamlined. This is not meant to be complicated... Our aim is to capture the simple story behind your brand and let it speak for itself.

the team...

Content Space founder, Becky Wilson

Content Space founder, Becky Wilson

Becky Wilson - Content producer

I’ve been writing other people’s stories for the best part of a decade. I’ve edited and written for many lifestyle, travel and business print and online publications, and am now a copywriter, helping small businesses to find their voice.

I have a thing about honest, clear storytelling – and wanted to create a platform that would not only promote the independent small businesses in my local area, but also let their own personal stories take centre stage.


Richard Whitbread photography

Richard Whitbread - Photographer

With more than 10 years of professional photography experience under his belt, Rich specialises in food, interiors, people and architecture, having shot for clients, magazines and digital content producers across the country. Rich takes a very collaborative, client-focused approach to his work, aiming to make the entire process as easy as possible.

Richard's website.